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So you want to become a film director...

If you are a high school student:

  1. Take all film-related and digital media courses that are offered.

  2. Get involved in theater and drama; take an acting class if offered.
    (This is crucial to becoming a good director.)

  3. Look for “camps” or programs in film or digital media offered by
    some colleges during the summer.

  4. As graduation approaches, learn about colleges with programs in film 
    and digital media, such as (in Indiana) Ball State University and Taylor University. There are also some notable film schools out of state.

More generally

  1. Get a camera and start making your own short films!

  2. Learn how to edit your films. Adobe Premiere is an excellent program, but there are other software options out there.

  3. Take advantage of the free online resources for filmmakers, such as StudioBinder. Udemy and are also worthwhile, although there may be a fee.

  4. See here for recommended books on directing and other topics.

  5. Learn screenwriting. A good director also needs to know how to write.

    • Here is a list of essential books on writing a movie.

    • Read the screenplays of your favorite movies—these are often available free, online.

  6. Look for local film productions in the area and volunteer to be a PA (production assistant).

  7. Consider joining or following Indiana Filmmakers Network.

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