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A huge thank you to the talented individuals who have lent their time and talent to our projects!

  • Jake Baker, Assistant Camera, Forget Me Not

  • Gabi Bucataru, Colorist, Forget Me Not

  • Faith Boardman, Script Supervisor, Forget Me Not

  • David Boeckel, Editor, Forget Me Not

  • Liz Cutshaw, Sound, Forget Me Not

  • Ben Ericsen, Re-recording Mixer, Forget Me Not

  • Olivia Hinkel, Graphic Designer, Forget Me Not

  • Pete Kirklin, Special Consultant, Forget Me Not

  • Olivia Lawson , Assistant Art Director, Forget Me Not

  • Stacy Lawson, Health & Safety Officer and Craft Services, Forget Me Not

  • Tim Lawson, Craft Services, Forget Me Not

  • Megan Massie, Actor, Forget Me Not

  • Lucas Marsh, Music, Forget Me Not

  • Rachelle Martin, Production Design, Forget Me Not

  • Brandon Patterson, Assistant Director and Associate Producer, Forget Me Not

  • Andrew C. Marsh, Special Consultant, Forget Me Not

  • Myles Marsh, Special ConsultantForget Me Not

  • Kyle Misak, Special Consultant, Forget Me Not

  • Michael Taylor, Key Grip, Forget Me Not

  • Kenny Walters, Production AssistantForget Me Not

  • Tony Walters, Cinematography and Associate Producer, Forget Me Not

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